How to nail Twitter, in a single tweet.

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March 7, 2017
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March 30, 2017
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How to nail Twitter, in a single tweet.

Let me start by saying I’m not really a massive Twitter fan. It’s well documented that most brands are followed by less than 1% of their customers, and social media should be for people only. Twitter embodies the endless, pointless scroll of the marketing juggernaut every company assumes they ought to hop on.

Twitter does have it’s benefits though. It is great for aggregating clever writing. I’d like to just focus on a single tweet that I love, and explain why it was re-tweeted 5,000 times.



The rules behind an outstandingly good tweet are fairly simple.

  1. Punch up

The internet is an irreverent place. Twitter loves to ridicule the powerful. In this tweet, the objective is to poke fun at the establishment from a lower position. The best jokes always do this. So – to win on Twitter, never punch down. See Katie Hopkins, or Kirstie Allsop’s dumb-ass behaviour for proof of this.

2. Be self aware

The Twitter user must be aware of their privilege and social position, especially if you’re tweeting for a brand. Having a sense of humour about yourself is the key to great social content, and this tweet does that. This tweet is by a man, promoting an image of a woman, in a classic painting. Truth is coming out of her well. Truth is female. Anthony Oliveira knows he’s white, male and western. Because he knows that, he can use it to his advantage. No self awareness means no social capital. It is very funny to subvert meaning, in this case of a classical painting, which is something top tweeters often do.

3. Timing

Oliveira tweeted this on International Woman’s Day. This was exactly the right time for him to say, in an oblique way, that the world is going to hell. He didn’t insert a hashtag, this isn’t ‘click-bait,’ but it is well-timed. Being aware of what’s happening around us, and offering a unique viewpoint, is what Twitter is all about.

How can you put this into practise with your brand? Tweet less, and tweet good. Follow the footsteps of the lovely @meakoopa and don’t overwhelm your followers with horse doo-doo. Try to say poignant, worthwhile stuff, or don’t bother.