Too scared to write a blog? Don’t be.

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October 30, 2017
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Too scared to write a blog? Don’t be.

Many of the people I speak to are reluctant to start their own blog.

I can understand, because blogging feels daunting if you don’t write for a living.

If your time is spent focusing on other things, like growing your business, selling more stuff, or climbing the career ladder, then why bother writing a blog?

You should bother to, because blogging is brilliant for several important reasons. It forces you to think about what you do in a wider context. It serves as a mental note of your past ideas. It helps connect you with people who might share your principles. It tells the world that you’re taking an interest.

Whether you have your own blog, or you publish on a company website, or LinkedIn pulse, or any other third part network, it’s a great idea to start publishing your thoughts on what you care about. Here’s some no-bullshit reasons why you should write a blog or three:

  • It helps you articulate the niggles

Whatever you do, it’s valuable to share your ideas. It’s especially valuable to share the niggles you have, and discuss your thoughts to a wider audience. Some of my favourite blogs of all time came out of the frustrations of overworked people. Or the desire to right a wrong, or speak out about something that needs to change. Blogging can be disruptive. Yes, I did just use that godforsaken buzzword.

  • It demonstrates that you care

Whether you’re a plumber or a hedge fund manager, your thoughts matter. Spelling and grammar don’t. Some of the most outspoken bloggers in the world are dyslexic, or lack confidence in public speaking. The insights they share help others in the same position, and demonstrate their expertise. You don’t have to brag, but you can encourage others and share your wisdom. It might make all the difference.

  • It’s good for business

Blogging is the way to generate leads. Studies by the author of ‘You Ask, They Answer’ revealed that on his blog, the average customer consumed 110 pieces of content before they purchased. This is extreme, but proves that people enjoy reading about something before they buy. So write about what you do, and it might just win you more business, more gigs, more contacts and more friends.

  • It gets easier

The biggest argument for blogging regularly is that you pick up speed, and once you’re going you will find it easier and easier as time goes on. The first article might feel like pulling teeth, but after that it gets so much simpler. Just remember to write with the reader in mind, and offer guidance and support. This isn’t a place to show off, it’s a place to share your concerns, ideas and thoughts with a sympathetic audience.

Next month: The one-stop guide to writing good blogs your customers want to read.

If you can’t wait, give me a shout. I love coffee, cake and other people’s business woes.