The Golden Rules for Website Copywriting

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July 2, 2017
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July 19, 2017
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The Golden Rules for Website Copywriting

How do you ensure that the copy on your website does what it says on the tin? Websites are more than just shop fronts, they’re the digital face of your business. So in that sense, make sure you wash your face and pick out the bits of spinach from between your teeth, because you’re frightening people…

The Golden Rules of any website copy:

  1. Human Tone

It needs to sound like you. Yes, you. Your business has a voice, and it should be a human one. Writing website copy by committee is all well and good, but too often corporations spend so long sending drafts around the houses that the finished article feels as if a robot wrote it. Get a good copywriter to do a decent job, and don’t tinker with it too much. It must sound human.

2. Pushy Purpose

Whatever you write on your website must serve a distinct purpose. Home page copy, About us, even your ‘Contact’ page needs to drive people to act. Calls to action should be clear, appear regularly and relate to a user journey that you’ve thought about. Show your copywriter a site map, explain exactly what you want visitors to the site to do, and ensure that every word serves a purpose. Anything else is guff.

3. Delete, Delete, Delete.

Google does not appreciate vast chunks of copy, and the old-school days of keyword drenched SEO spam-copy are pretty much over. The less you say, the less people have to read. Use of images, video, graphics and interactive features is far more likely to bring a return audience. So delete 20% of your copy before you upload, and probably another 20% once you’ve slept on it.

Got a website that isn’t really doing it for you? I work with some fab designers, and smart nerdy people who can dress it much nicer without fleecing you. Yes, really. Give me a call.