Bath Digital Festival


We devised a dedicated three month content campaign to refine Bailes and Light’s online persona and clarify their user journey.

My first ever talk on Digital Marketing strategy came out of a frustration I had with clients constantly asking for more content.

At Bath Digital Festival, I gave a talk on Lean marketing strategy. How thinking strategically about targeting a specific customer, via a single channel, could yield greater results than months of ‘finger in the air’ marketing. The response was incredible. I spoke to so many business owners, frustrated marketers and members of the public who felt the same. The people at Bath Digital Festival were kind enough to invite us back to host a Deep Blue Sky breakfast event, on ‘Customer Centric Strategy’ and thus the idea was born.

Here’s what the organisers had to say about it:

What more could you want in a speaker than the combination of intelligent marketing strategy, comedy and genuine desire to help your business thrive! Jo Duncan’s sell-out talk at the Bath Digital Festival 2017 opened our eyes to the value of lean content marketing and targeted communications.

Her engaging speaking style and clear messaging allowed attendees to take home distinct and measurable actions for success in business. Thanks, Jo!

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