Can your business make more from LinkedIn?

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April 17, 2017
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Can your business make more from LinkedIn?

I’m starting to believe that LinkedIn is the way forward. A growing trend is emerging, which moves away from labour-intensive SEO and email campaigns towards a targeted account-based approach. If you want to build high quality leads, as most businesses do, then LinkedIn might just be the place to do so.

Why LinkedIn?

With over 400m users, LinkedIn is much more than just a CV site. Offering direct access to decision makers, it offers a new pipeline for businesses to generate sales. How can you tap into this, with just your free personal account?

  1. Set your profile up properly

Before you approach target businesses, make sure that your profile is optimised for your segment. Offer examples of work, relevant qualifications and experience that highlight your ability within this sector. Be ruthless, if it isn’t relevant (in my case, my 10 years as a teacher) then leave it off. Use a great picture, and a headline and content that supports your goals in relation to your industry. Headlines needn’t be boring. Think of them as more of a CTA, and less of a sleeping pill.

2. Build your network

Reach out to people, regularly. Using the search functionality, you can look for relevant high-value individuals, and filter by industry and job type.  Send personalised invitations, and you can expect to see an acceptance rate of 60-70%. Thank every connection, and send a message with a general conversation opener. Get people to talk about themselves, their business goals, and you’re doing better than 95% of people who simply don’t use LinkedIn.

3. Keep the conversation going

Join groups where your leads hang out. Post relevant content into these groups, and join conversations where you can add value. Speak regularly to valued connections, use this as a chance to arrange networking, share industry insight or collaborate. Selling comes much, much later. Your end goal, whether it’s a phone call or an in-person meeting, should not be to brag about your services in a message. It’s in poor taste.

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