How to put together a mini marketing campaign

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August 20, 2017
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How to put together a mini marketing campaign

If you’re a small business or self-employed, you might not have the cash to hire an agency to sort your marketing out for you. You’re probably thinking, ‘I should be on Twitter’ or ‘I should do more blogs’ or ‘I need to add more people on LinkedIn.’

Those are all examples of tactics instead of strategy, which is a cardinal sin of marketing today. We think of the process before we think of the solution.

It’s like putting on plasters when you’re not bleeding, or getting in the car when you don’t need to go anywhere, can’t drive and don’t have the keys.

Putting together a marketing campaign is easy, so please get out of the fucking car.

The idea.

The first and most important part of any campaign is for you to simply decide the message. This means, ask yourself what you’re selling, why people would buy it, and what your simplest, purest sales message is. Think carefully about what you want people to do, and hold on to this.

Stop. Think. Listen

Ask your customers how they found out about you. Ask them what it was that made them choose your product. Pay attention to what people are saying online about your industry, and where they’re saying it. Look into your competitors content and marketing activities. Research for 50% longer than you think you need to.

Choose three.

Why 3? Psychologists say that to make a decision, we need to see things 3 in three different places. So it’s that simple – you’re going to pick three places to talk about your product or service, the three that your customers use, and focus just on them. Don’t spread yourself too thinly. Aim for thickly spread butter over three pieces of toast. Here are all the channels I can think of, I’m sure there are loads more.

  • Your website or blog
  • Someone else’s website or blog
  • An online or offline publication
  • Paid advertising – Google, local press, social media, TV, web banners
  • Online Groups – online forums, events, mailing lists
  • Your email contacts
  • Industry Networks – locally hosted events, meetups, business forums
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat, YouTube

Write it all down.

Having listened to your customers carefully, and thought about your channels, you’re now able to position whatever it is you’re selling. This means, writing down blog posts, social posts, emails, advert copy, press releases, more emails, more blogs and more copy. Choose images. Keep it all in a central place, and write yourself a timeline. Aim to do one activity each day – and off you go.


All you need to do now is execute – this means do something every day to push your campaign forward. Set an alarm and do it at the same time each day. Reach out, post, publish and talk about what you do. Even if you’re tired. Even if you don’t want to. Schedule a batch of posts. Check emails, check notifications and respond. For an hour each day, for six weeks.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, that is simple STP – Strategy, Targeting and Positioning. The ‘Holy Trinity’ of marketing. That’s why you shouldn’t worry that you’re not doing more. You only need to be active where it matters. Good luck, and if you want a bit of advice, get in touch.