Whatever content marketing you’re doing, do less (but better)

by JoDuncan June 04, 2018 Marketing

The marketing world has seen an explosion in the amount of content being pumped out by businesses eager to convert

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4 ways to convert more leads from social media

by JoDuncan May 21, 2018 Marketing

Social media is the best way to reach your customers directly. It’s free advertising, it’s a great way to build

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Make the leap – the lily pond of sales and marketing content

by JoDuncan April 30, 2018 Marketing

  Almost all modern businesses use content to market their product or service. The problem is that the vast majority

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Three tools to help you shape strategy into actual plans

by April 19, 2018 Marketing

Creating a strategy sure doesn’t feel like the easy bit when you’re waist-deep in crumpled flip-chart paper and on your

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Marketing trends to ignore in 2018

by March 29, 2018 Marketing

Some marketing trends, fads and buzzwords come and go year on year. Some, it’s clear, are here to stay. For

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How do I promote my new business online?

by October 30, 2017 Marketing, Social Media

I get asked this question a lot. You just launched a business, and you’re not sure where to begin. For

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Marketing strategy jo duncan bristol

How to put together a mini marketing campaign

by September 13, 2017 Marketing

If you’re a small business or self-employed, you might not have the cash to hire an agency to sort your

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Marketing strategy bristol jo duncan

Marketing Lessons from the Edinburgh Fringe

by August 17, 2017 Marketing

The Edinburgh Fringe is an incredible annual festival of the arts. It’s also highly unique, from a marketing perspective. With

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The Golden Rules for Website Copywriting

by July 05, 2017 Copywriting, Marketing

How do you ensure that the copy on your website does what it says on the tin? Websites are more

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Write the perfect slogan, in 5 easy steps

by July 02, 2017 Marketing

Whatever you’re doing, you will need a strap line to support marketing and web content. Whether it’s brand guidelines, a

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