Be a wolf not a sheep: why content marketing needs bite

by March 11, 2018 Copywriting

Content marketing is a top priority for many companies in 2018. Don’t just take my word for it. Adobe’s global

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Jo Duncan copywriting bristol

5 ways to write emails that delight, rather than disappoint.

by July 19, 2017 Copywriting, Email Marketing

Email marketing is a contractual affair. Unlike Twitter streams and blogs, which are open to the universe for inspection, sending

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The Golden Rules for Website Copywriting

by July 05, 2017 Copywriting, Marketing

How do you ensure that the copy on your website does what it says on the tin? Websites are more

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Gillian Best

Gillian Best, author of ‘The Last Wave,’ on what makes great writing

by May 02, 2017 Copywriting

  Gillian Best is an accomplished Canadian author, swimmer and a seaside enthusiast. As a child she once dreamed of

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Hellman's advert copywriting

Why I love the copywriting in the latest Hellman’s advert

by April 17, 2017 Copywriting

This is just a thing of beauty. Well, the squid isn’t. But it’s the most engaging double page advert I’ve

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make america great again

What can we learn from bad American adverts?

by April 10, 2017 Copywriting

A recent trip through the Mid-West taught me an awful lot about what makes good copywriting. Throughout America, billboards are

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