How to map a year’s worth of content in an hour

by June 08, 2017 Marketing

What should I blog about? A lot of us are held back from publishing blogs because we don’t know where

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social media

How I gained over 500 followers by posting once a month.

by May 23, 2017 Social Media

Not all social media channels are created equal I started a monthly comedy event in Bristol just over a year

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Gillian Best

Gillian Best, author of ‘The Last Wave,’ on what makes great writing

by May 02, 2017 Copywriting

  Gillian Best is an accomplished Canadian author, swimmer and a seaside enthusiast. As a child she once dreamed of

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market research

‘Just Google it?’ How to get proper market research for free

by April 30, 2017 Marketing

Proper market research is easily forgotten, and often ruled-out because of the perceived cost or time constraints. That’s why it can be tempting

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Can your business make more from LinkedIn?

by April 24, 2017 LinkedIn, Marketing, Social Media

I’m starting to believe that LinkedIn is the way forward. A growing trend is emerging, which moves away from labour-intensive SEO

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Hellman's advert copywriting

Why I love the copywriting in the latest Hellman’s advert

by April 17, 2017 Copywriting

This is just a thing of beauty. Well, the squid isn’t. But it’s the most engaging double page advert I’ve

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make america great again

What can we learn from bad American adverts?

by April 10, 2017 Copywriting

A recent trip through the Mid-West taught me an awful lot about what makes good copywriting. Throughout America, billboards are

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PR is expensive and pointless, right? Wrong.

by March 30, 2017 PR

I recently sat next to a PR professional on a flight, who told me she worked for a FTSE 100

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How to nail Twitter, in a single tweet.

by March 10, 2017 Marketing, Social Media

Let me start by saying I’m not really a massive Twitter fan. It’s well documented that most brands are followed

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Why your business should probably use Facebook advertising.

by March 07, 2017 Marketing

I’m not a huge believer in multi-platform, spammy approaches to media. In fact, as my weight loss relaxation tape keeps

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