Be a wolf not a sheep: why content marketing needs bite

by March 11, 2018 Copywriting

Content marketing is a top priority for many companies in 2018. Don’t just take my word for it. Adobe’s global

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Blogging marketing Jo Duncan bristol

Too scared to write a blog? Don’t be.

by November 22, 2017 Uncategorized

Many of the people I speak to are reluctant to start their own blog. I can understand, because blogging feels

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Jo Duncan marketing bristol

How do I promote my new business online?

by October 30, 2017 Marketing, Social Media

I get asked this question a lot. You just launched a business, and you’re not sure where to begin. For

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Marketing strategy jo duncan bristol

How to put together a mini marketing campaign

by September 13, 2017 Marketing

If you’re a small business or self-employed, you might not have the cash to hire an agency to sort your

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How I Organised the Sh*t Out of My In-Tray

by August 20, 2017 General

Your phone is probably overflowing with guff. Emails, missed calls, messages, likes, shares and comments like a hailstorm. Studies have

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Marketing strategy bristol jo duncan

Marketing Lessons from the Edinburgh Fringe

by August 17, 2017 Marketing

The Edinburgh Fringe is an incredible annual festival of the arts. It’s also highly unique, from a marketing perspective. With

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5 ways to write emails that delight, rather than disappoint.

by July 19, 2017 Copywriting, Email Marketing

Email marketing is a contractual affair. Unlike Twitter streams and blogs, which are open to the universe for inspection, sending

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The Golden Rules for Website Copywriting

by July 05, 2017 Copywriting, Marketing

How do you ensure that the copy on your website does what it says on the tin? Websites are more

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Write the perfect slogan, in 5 easy steps

by July 02, 2017 Marketing

Whatever you’re doing, you will need a strap line to support marketing and web content. Whether it’s brand guidelines, a

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How to promote your business event differently on Twitter and Facebook

by June 10, 2017 Social Media

Twitter and Facebook share a lot of similarities- A blue and white colour scheme, an abundance of cute animal pictures,

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