June 7, 2019

80 free marketing ideas for 2019.

Marketing is expensive, right? Wrong. You can achieve kick-ass results on a tiny budget. You’ve just got to get creative and spend more time thinking. Good marketing is 80% thinking, 20% doing. Yes, you can pay £1k a month to advertise your business […]
May 30, 2019

Why are we neglecting word of mouth marketing?

Some businesses definitely have a word of mouth strategy. Look at the front of this shop in London, and the reaction it created on a foggy Tuesday afternoon… People were crowding around to take selfies, then sharing them online. But […]
May 23, 2019

Is something weird happening to video marketing?

Before we start. Yes, I’m biased. I write content for a living. Another disclaimer, I love video content. I watch all sorts of video content; DIY guides, Netflix, gardening tips, hairstyles, cat videos, TED talks, history lectures. The whole shebang. […]
June 4, 2018

Whatever content marketing you’re doing, do less (but better)

The marketing world has seen an explosion in the amount of content being pumped out by businesses eager to convert eyeballs into paying customers.   But there’s a problem with this approach. There’s even a term for it, coined by […]
May 21, 2018

4 ways to convert more leads from social media

Social media is the best way to reach your customers directly. It’s free advertising, it’s a great way to build a loyal audience around a brand, and (done well) can produce leads in no time. Here’s our four top tips […]
May 7, 2018

Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

The first few months of starting a new business feel a lot like that fateful episode of Friends. You’re trying to get a sofa up a complicated stairwell, single-handed, in the dark. It’s hard, it’s exhausting and sometimes you just […]
April 30, 2018

Make the leap – the lily pond of sales and marketing content

  Almost all modern businesses use content to market their product or service. The problem is that the vast majority of content out there seems to focus on what marketers call the ‘top of the funnel.’ Businesses invest in content […]
April 19, 2018

Three tools to help you shape strategy into actual plans

Creating a strategy sure doesn’t feel like the easy bit when you’re waist-deep in crumpled flip-chart paper and on your fourth flat white. But now that you’re sat there with a clear strategy document in hand, and it’s time to […]
April 9, 2018

If you’re everywhere on social media, you’re doing it wrong.

You’ve decided to ramp up your marketing on social media. Good idea – it works. But which channels to use? How about Vero, which shot to the top of the app charts in February? Or Snapchat, the hottest thing since […]
March 29, 2018

Marketing trends to ignore in 2018

Some marketing trends, fads and buzzwords come and go year on year. Some, it’s clear, are here to stay. For the new year, we’ve picked out a few marketing trends that it’s worth being aware of in 2018. And, because […]
March 11, 2018

Be a wolf not a sheep: why content marketing needs bite

Content marketing is a top priority for many companies in 2018. Don’t just take my word for it. Adobe’s global Digital Trends Survey found that content marketing was top of the agenda for marketers in Europe this year, and second […]
November 22, 2017

Too scared to write a blog? Don’t be.

Many of the people I speak to are reluctant to start their own blog. I can understand, because blogging feels daunting if you don’t write for a living. If your time is spent focusing on other things, like growing your […]