PR is expensive and pointless, right? Wrong.

by March 30, 2017 PR

I recently sat next to a PR professional on a flight, who told me she worked for a FTSE 100

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How to nail Twitter, in a single tweet.

by March 10, 2017 Marketing, Social Media

Let me start by saying I’m not really a massive Twitter fan. It’s well documented that most brands are followed

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Why your business should probably use Facebook advertising.

by March 07, 2017 Marketing

I’m not a huge believer in multi-platform, spammy approaches to media. In fact, as my weight loss relaxation tape keeps

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Marketing for ‘Punks’ – does such a thing exist?

by March 06, 2017 Marketing

The founders of craft beer brand BrewDog wrote a book on how to inject the spirit of punk into your

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