Jo Duncan

A bit about me.

Hello! I'm Jo. Thanks for visiting my website. I'm a digital marketer living in Bristol, England. I've written some books on marketing and run a small business called Lean Content.

I believe in doing marketing differently. Yes, I realise all marketing idiots say that.

For about ten years I was a History and Politics teacher in London. I left in 2015 after I had an article or two published in national newspapers because I thought, 'Hey, I can be a writer!' (Deluded, right?)

Ever since then I've been finding my way through the world of digital marketing as an outsider. I'd learned how to teach, but the world of agencies and clients has always seemed a little alien to me. The main problem I have is that I'm extremely honest and very straight talking.

Trying (and failing) to be funny.

After I left teaching, I missed the ritual humiliation so much that I got into stand-up comedy. I've done over 200 gigs since, taken three shows to Edinburgh and was once (mistakenly) voted Funny Women's 'One to watch.'

Part of the joy of comedy is the performance. But for me it's always been about the writing. I dread standing in front of an audience. I love writing jokes. Because I love writing.

I suppose one of the things that makes me different is the combination of teaching, comedy and marketing. I can bring something irreverent and unpredictable to a project. And I can make a ruddy good cup of tea.

If, after reading all this, you're still stupid enough to want to work with me, then it's your own fault.

You can download any of the marketing books I've written for free here.

Or you can just get in touch with me at

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